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With the improvement of people's living standards, acid liquid has become a necessity of people's life. Yogurt is a delicious and nutritious food, and drinking one cup a day is great! So how much yogurt should we drink every day? The more, the better? When is the best time to drink?

First, the structure of yogurt. Yogurt is generally pure milk as the raw material, through a series of disinfection, then added to the beneficial bacteria for fermentation, and finally through cooling. The method of making yogurt is actually so simple. Although some food experts have uploaded the course of making yogurt on the Internet, people like me who are disabled are not encouraged to do it. Due to the short shelf life of yogurt, when buying yogurt, pay attention to the production date of yogurt oh!

Here's what yogurt does. Drink leben to be able to help reduce weight this is almost the thing that everybody knows, accordingly someone a day does not eat staple food, drink leben crazily. This is so wrong that eating too much of anything can backfire, and yogurt is no exception. Eating only yoghurt without supplementing other food will lead to unbalanced nutrition, and drinking too much yoghurt will lead to too much acid in the stomach and damage the gastric mucosa.

Yoghurt is delicious, but don't drink too much. Two hundred and fifty grams a day is advisable. Generally speaking, the best time to drink yogurt is half an hour after the meal. Yogurt is rich in lactic acid and calcium, choosing the appropriate time reference will be more available in yogurt absorption. Remind again, the small fairy that wants to reduce weight through drinking leben and small fairies, leben can reduce weight, but do not drink leben only!

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