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the stocks are doing well

  According to Wind data, as of now, among the companies that have disclosed the 2018 mid-year report in the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, there are 75 companies with a list of the top ten tradable shareholders. Among them, the brokerage newly held 23 stocks in the second quarter, holding 16 stocks and reducing 23 stocks. In terms of market performance, most of the stocks in the second quarter have not performed well, but the performance of the mid-year report has generally been good. Eighty percent of the company's net profit in the first half of the year has achieved year-on-year growth. From the perspective of the industry, brokers prefer the pharmaceutical, bio, and chemical sectors in the second quarter.

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  New 23 shares in the second quarter

  Specifically, in terms of new shares, Zhengbang Technology was newly held by Huatai Securities and Orient Securities, with a total holding of 56.01 million shares. Yuheng pharmaceutical followed closely, and Guosheng Securities held a total of 49.26 million shares in the second quarter of this year. The number of shares of the four new stocks of Zhengtai Electric, Yidun Electronics, Dongpu and Yi'an Technology, which are newly entered by brokers, also exceeded 10 million shares. In addition, Jiuzhitang, Tianhong, Xinbeiyang, Industrial Fulian, Lijiang Tourism, Open Coal, Jiashitang, SuperMap Software and other 12 stocks have received more than 1 million shares.

  In terms of holdings, Chaohua Technology won the largest increase in securities companies in the second quarter, with more than 10 million shares. The 8 stocks of Camel, Xinyan, Dongyang, Yaguang, Shengnong Development and Northern Navigation have also increased their shareholdings by more than 1 million shares chronic illness.

  Judging from the stock market value of securities companies, the most favored by the brokers' self-operated funds is Hikvision. In the second quarter, the market value of CITIC Securities was 3.31 billion yuan. However, it is worth noting that Hikvision was also the largest in the second quarter. CITIC Securities reduced its holdings of 48.68 million shares in the second quarter. In addition, Dongyang Sunshine, Tongce Medical, Zhengtai Electric, Huawen Media, Lepu Medical and other stocks, brokerage stocks are holding more than 200 million yuan.

  In terms of market performance, only 11 of the above 75 stocks have risen in stock prices since the second quarter. Among them, Core Energy Technology and Shenxin convinced two stocks to increase substantially, the stock price has doubled, and the cumulative increase of new products has reached 93%. In addition, Tongze Medical, Baichuan Energy, Shengneng Development, and Zhongzhou Holdings all increased by more than 10%. Moen Electric, Huawen Media, pinggao Electric, Yongji shares and other stocks were among the top losers.

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